Sunday, July 26, 2009

think thin think thin think thin think thin

Wow. I've been MIA for a little while. But during my absence I've been so strong! Not one piece of food has passed my lips :D so great! I'm exhausted though and all this coffee on such an empty stomach is making me jittery. I can't stop figeting, which is a good thing since it burns more cals. I've also been doing the salt-water flushes almost daily for the past week. I know there's nothing really in me to be flushing but it's good to clean out your system of built up matter. I feel so light and free right now. I'm still fat and gross but knowing there's nothing in me and that I've flushed all that build up from my body makes me feel clean and pure. It's nice.
This week I've learned how to play guitar and I've continued with my knitting. 1 hour of knitting burns 34 calories! Who knew?! Anyway, I'm going to knit and read all day. I think tomorrow I'll break this fast since, I feel like my metabolism is slowing. I'm going to do 4 hours of running tonight, kinda like crossing the finish line of this fast, going out victorious, before starting to eat again.


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