Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"I didn't eat for three days, so I could be lovely."

Food Diary:
b- coffee (0) + 16 grapes (24)
l- update later
d- update later
Exercise Log:
m- 0
a- update later
n- update later

I'm newly addicted to the show Skins and the character Cassie. She's amazingly crazy and thin. She reminds me of myself in a more concentrated form. She acts as crazy as I feel. And she's gorgeous and has amazing style. She's a new thinspo for me = )


  1. oh.. wow.. you're so lovely..
    tambien mi thinspo.. la amo ♥
    te sigo!!

  2. oh wow i love cassie too, she is also my thinspiration :).
    i have also learnt some tips from her with how you have it look like youve eaten, it works :D

  3. sweet blog, i'm a fashion blogger and a photography lover but i love thinspo and pro ano stuff. this is great, especially cassie. she used to be my favorite on skins
    visit me and follow me so i can return the favor (: