Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Food Diary:
b- coffee(o)
l- 0
d-1 egg (63)+ 1 egg white (12) + hot sauce (0)+ 4 oz. crystal light (3.5)+ 1.5 slice tomato (4)= 82.5

Exercise Log:
n- 0

Wow. Today was a long dayyyy. I've been up all night organizing and reorganizing my room. I was too hungry to sleep and had to stay preoccupied from eating the entire contents of my refrigerator. Now my room looks so pretty and clean. I was so strong today, I only ate dinner and a very small one at that. my mom looked at my plate and was like "... is that really all you're going to eat?" haha, if only she knew that most days I don't anything =P I'm better at hiding it now, since I was caught last year. Anywho, i definately have to work out a ton tonight to get rid of those cals from dinner.

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