Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Food Diary:
b- coffee (0)
l- 0
d- 1 egg (63) + 2 egg whites (24) + .5 tsp horseradish (1) + hot sauce (0)= 88
Exercise Log:
n- update later
I'm far too exhausted to work out today. I couldn't sleep last night and have been just lazying around all day. I decided that since yesterday I dropped 3.5 lbs from just eating below 100 cals for dinner that I should stick to this and see how well it turns out. I'm probably going to do some running later tonight since I now have energy from dinner.
I also calculated my BMR today. It's interesting to see how much your body will burn just from living and breathing. I burn 1,477.5 calories a day just lying in bed. Then you add all the moving around I do all day and that adds a ton more! I lost my first pedometer and I'm going to have to get another one. I saw one on TV. It's made by Philips Electronics and it doesn't only calculate steps, it measures other activities you do-- therefore the more active you are, even if not walking, it will record and measure calories. Fantastic! I just cannot remember the name of the specific device. I need to go run some, later!!

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