Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back from a mini Hiatus

So, last time I was on here was my first time on here. After I wrote that my computer broke and I didn't want to be working on my parents or sisters computer for privacy reasons. I didn't want to risk anything, But I'm back now with a banging new computer and not much progress from my previous entry :( I had lost 27.5 lbs, but then school got stressful and I was rushing an sorority and I lost control :X Now I'm reaping the consequences of losing it for one minute. I'm back to 145.5 and I cannot believe I'm this weak. I'm going to go run for a year and a half then go out to eat for father's day. It's a terrible cycle. When I get back from dinner I'll run some more.

Food Diary:
b- kiwi (46) + coffee/black (0) + 4 oz. crystal light (2.5)= 48.5
l- nothing
d-wedge salad (no dressing) (80)+ 2 french fries (13) + water w/ lemon= 93
snack :( - popcorn (210!!)


Exercise Log:
morning- 850



-1158.5 cals

overall, today wasn't too bad. Dinner with my family was stressful and i was soooooo full after I thought I would be sick. But i didn't unfortunately :( Now I feel really heavy and thick, gross. I ran for 20 minutes tonight but I may still run some more once I catch my breath :P I have trouble sleeping so anything to keep burning off more cals will be great, I'll just keep moving until I'm so exhausted I pass out! Goodnight!!

XOX Peace, Love, and Stay Strong

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