Friday, June 26, 2009

binge =X

Food Diary:
b-coffee (0)+ 4 oz crystal light (2.5)+ cheese bagel (360) + 2 tbsp fat free cream cheese (28)= 390.5
l- nothing
d- cheese bagel (360) + 2 tbsp fat free cream cheese (28) = 388
snack- 2 thin mint cookies (70) + popcorn (210)= 280
Exercise Log:
m- 852
n- 253
I cannot believe I ate so much today! I'm so disappointed in myself and i feel like crap. My stomach is killing me and I feel like I'm going to puke. I'm going to keep my cal count below 400 tomorrow since I have to spend it with my family, otherwise I would be fasting and exercising all day to work off today's failure. UGH! I hate myself for being so weak. I think I'll have to start smoking again just to have something to do when I'm feeling a craving or feeling like I'm going to eat to deal with stress or emotions. I'll sacrifice my lungs for thinness. I'm already sacrificing everything else...
XOX Peace, Love, and Stay Strong

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