Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Food Diary:
b- coffee (0)
l- nothing
d-kiwi (46) + 1/2 cup grapefruit (60)= 106

Exercise Log:
m- 270
a- 100
n- 700
-964 cals

Not too bad for the whole day. I wish I had more time to exercise today but I was busy getting pierced with my sister. We got our belly buttons done, and I got an industrial also :P Getting my belly pierced was a good idea, because it's motivation to get tiny tiny so I feel comfortable showing people it. Same with my side/rib tattoo, I have to lift my shirt to show people and I'll only feel comfortable doing that if I'm tiny. Overall a good day, I'm starving though and I think I'll do a salt water flush tonight... Clean out my system and be light as air tomorrow :D
Sleep well lovelies!!
XOX Peace, Love and Stay Strong

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