Saturday, June 27, 2009


I've never been so continuously tired in my life. No matter how much I sleep it's not enough to keep me awake and energized the next day. I get 8-9 hours every night because any less and you're appetite will increase 15%! I don't need anything making me hungrier than I am everyday as it is. I think part of the problem is the little calorie intake vs. the high outtake from my obsessive exercise, and recently I've been having extremely physically demanding days. I went hiking (EXTREME hiking) with my boyfriend, I spent about 7 hours at the zoo today pushing a baby carriage and endlessly walking, and I had to keep my body nourished so I wouldn't get dizzy and pass out = ( I think i just need to relax for a day or two to regain my strength.
I can't record what I ate today because it is madly depressing and I don't know what the caloric intake was anyway, so just listing the foods without serving sizes or cals is pointless. It was all healthy, basically negative foods, but there was a lot of it so I can't bear to think about it = (
So disappointed in myself.
XOX Peace, Love and Stay Strong

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