Sunday, November 29, 2009

GW3 REACHED!!! very nice. I'm happy about it, i wish I actually looked thinner but that's not the case. Unfortunately. I have like 20 more lbs to lose... FUCK. Getting there though..
I realized, being home for thanksgiving break, that being home is a trigger for me. Being in this house with my disapproving mother with her disappointed gaze, the walls whispering all my faults and the mistakes from my whole life oozing up through the floorboards is hell on my mental state. Being here just reminds me how I never will or have been good enough at anything in my life. I'm only good at starving myself, it's the only thing I see my successes in.

1 comment:

  1. there are healthy ways to diet love.
    and there is nothing wrong with you! you dont have flaws, and you dont have faults either. you are human, we all are. embrace the joy of life.