Thursday, February 4, 2010

Currently I'm loving Taylor Momsen. Not only because she's incredibly thin, but she has an awesome sense of style very like my own and I can see myself in her. She is a badass!!


  1. listen, i was anorexic last year, and being too thin is ridiculous. i've wasted a part of my life eating 300-400 calories everyday and exercising before and after every meal - or to say, little snacks. i've had 2 friends who has been on the same road, but now they've recovered and they look beautiful and healthy. recovery isn't easy, but once i got better i regretted for being so stupid and ignorant. if this offends you, i'm sorry, but i hate seeing someone else doing the same mistake i did.

  2. Get over yourself, fucking hell...
    If you want to lose weight, eat well and exercise.
    Starvation methods are used by people that are too lazy or impatient to stick it out and get a good figure the healthy way. I know you think that once you're thin you'll be happy, but you won't be.
    You'll then wish you were prettier. You'll wish you had better clothes and more money. Don't aspire to look like the girls that grace the pages of high fashion magazines, because you never will.
    I'm not attacking you personally or anything but you come across as an incredibly ill-informed and immature person - for example, did you know that people who starve themselves grow loads of hair on the sides of their face after a while ? They develop acne, their skin goes a dull shade of grey & their gums & nails start to decay from malnutrition ?

    Yeah, really 'thinspirational'. Good luck with the quest for beauty