Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am thankful for...

.. my amazing SELF CONTROL!! Also, my family (they are amazing!!), my boyfriend who I love, my friends who try their best to keep me sane, and my brothers :D

I hate this holiday, tons of obese people celebrate family and friends by engorging their bodies with carbs, fat, and sugars. Nothing says "thanks for being in my life" better than feeding them artery clogging fat!! It's gross. Anyway, I knew this meal was coming and there would be no way around it with my family, so I did NOT eat dinner last night and didn't eat anything today until 5:30 when dinner was served. I took tiny portions of everything and did not get up for seconds. I only drank water and when it came to dessert I had a tiny tiny brownie bite. I would have skipped dessert all together but my mother made brownies special for me because the old, healthy me loved brownies. I couldn't tell her fuck no i cannot eat that brownie without wanting to light my insides on fire in 20 minutes, so I ate a little bit and put the rest in my napkin. Despite my valiant efforts to be a good little girl today, I purged while everyone was talking about stocks. No one even noticed I had left the table for 20 minutes... A testament to how invisible I am.
Happy fucking Thanksgiving.
"It celebrates the time when the Indian's shared their food with the early settlers. And how do we repay them? We slaughter them in thousands and then ship them off to the shittiest bits of real estate."--Lucy, Across the Universe

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